Nate is a Utah native who has had an entrepreneurial mind and winning attitude from a very young age. In recent years, he has applied his business acumen and passion into the vaping industry by founding Cash Vape. Prior to transitioning into this market in 2008, Nate was the owner of several award-winning businesses. Charity events, fundraisers, and advocacy are but several examples of how Nate gives back to small businesses. Outside of his countless hours dedicated to the smoke-free community, Nate capitalizes on every opportunity he has to spend with his two beautiful little girls and wife. He enjoys cooking gourmet Italian food, blackjack, traveling, and ATV riding in his spare time. Nate has a vision in mind of employing people with winning mindsets so that the Cash Vape name can continue to set the bar of industry excellence. When asked about what makes Cash Vape unique as a company, Nate says, “I don’t compromise on aiming for perfection in everything that we do, which is why I tell my employees there are three ways of doing things: the right way, the wrong way, and the way I do them.”